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Si eres guitarrista o músico en esta sección puedes encontrar algunas transcripciones, libros, backing tracks y demás recursos.

Para adquirir Clases de Guitarra entra AQUÍ.

Si estas en COLOMBIA, debido a que Paypal no permite realizar transacciones nacionales puedes enviarme un mensaje AQUI especificando que productos deseas para enviarte los pasos y tarifas para el método de pago alternativo.

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    NOW! (2014)

    by Leonardo Guzman

    "Truly great mix of rock & latin guitar mastery. What a surprise this album. This guy is a new discovery and just has great chops. Seems like mastering his instrument with grace and really masters different styles like rock, metal and latin swing which he blends into great original tunes. While listening to these songs I am every time surprised where this player takes me. Metal blends into jazz blends into latin rhythms and blends into rap. Very versatile and very refreshing. I am happy I discovered this guy and I am sure we all will here more from this guitar player."


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